About Us


Our motive is to provide the best services to our customers and make our India green and clean.


 We intend to provide the best services in a smart way to create a healthy environment.

The way Pikwaste think

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping. For that every one can get the best out of the waste from the Homes,office etc and get the cash From Pikwaste and keep the environment clean
1) Pikwaste is the helping hand to get out the waste from your home, office, garaj etc
2)Money is the first priority of a person.Here is the opportunity to get some money which you can never expect.
3) GST meaning in the words of Pikwaste is “Girao sara trash and get the cash”

Ready your Trash

We only feel angry when I see waste. When we see people throwing away the things we could use. Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without f you’re not buying recycled products, you’re not really recycling. We are here to pick up your waste form your homes.

WHY Pikwaste?

For you it’s garbage, for us it’s a treasure.

Complete solution for all kinds of Scrap: We deal in all kinds of Scrap such as – Paper, Cardboard, Plastics, Glass, Metals and much more. Whether it’s your cold drink cans, wine bottles, oil cans, or used hand wash containers – you can recycle all this trash to conserve the environment and help in manufacturing fresh goods!

Doorstep service for whenever & wherever you want :At Pikwaste, our goal is to provide the best customer experience and therefore, we pick up all the Scrap from your place at your given time.

Right weight and right value for Scrap :We use digital weighing scales to provide accurate weight and the right value for your Scrap, ensuring a high level of accuracy.

Quick payment: We visit your place, weigh the Scrap and pay you in cash/paytm right there. No delays.

One call away: You can call us any time, share details of your Scrap and set a time for pickup.

Coming Soon on Android and IOS


CALL NOW: +91-9540849901,9810839108, 7840050095
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